Emory-Melbourne University Science Experience (E.M.U.S.E)

A program that has been designed specifically for YOU (Emory Biology, Chemistry, and NBB students in their junior or senior year who are interested in spending a semester abroad in Melbourne, Australia)!    As a student on the program, you will undertake a research-focused study abroad experience while also taking biology, neuroscience, or chemistry courses at the University of Melbourne; so, you won’t fall behind in your progress towards your Emory major. 

Timeline: The program is a semester-long program and will be open every Fall and Spring (Application deadline for Fall is March 1st; October 1st deadline for Spring).  The academic year at the University of Melbourne is split into two semesters: Semester 1 runs from late February to the end of May; Semester 2 runs from mid-July to Mid-October (12 weeks).

Eligibility Requirements: A minimum 3.3 GPA, good academic standing, declared science major, rising junior status.

At least one semester or summer of research experience with a research group in Biology, NBB, or Chemistry; two letters of recommendation- one from the research advisor and one from a professor in the major.

Academic Focus: The University of Melbourne program is designed for Biology, Chemistry, and NBB students who wish to experience life in Australia while also undertaking a research-focused study abroad experience. Aside from research, students in this program will be taking biology, neuroscience, or chemistry courses to fulfill Emory major requirements.

**If you are not interested in doing research or do not have research experience, but are interested in studying at University of Melbourne or other locations in Australia, please view the information for the IFSA-Butler: University of Melbourne or contact the Emory College Study Abroad office directly.

E.M.U.S.E. approved NBB courses

Courses: Students have access to a wide range of course offered at University of Melbourne (UOM) at the undergraduate level.

Students on the UOM program MUST enroll in one research course, plus one or more science lecture courses, and additional elective courses from any discipline to complete 15-16 U.S. credit hours (generally a total of four courses).

Pre-Health students should also verify that chosen courses taken abroad will satisfy the admission requirements for subsequent post-baccalaureate schools, e.g medical schools, dental schools, Physician assistant programs, etc.  

Examples of course equivalencies that have been approved by the Biology and Chemistry Departments are available in their departments. The NBB Program course approvals are listed below.

Please note: All NBB applicants must receive a signature from Dr. Paul Lennard in order to participate on the program. 

NBB number

NBB Course Name UOM course number UOM course name
BIOL 241 Evolutionary Biology BIOL10005 Genetics & The Evolution of Life
BIOL 320 Animal Behavior ZOOL30006 Animal Behavior
BIOL 336 Human Physiology PHY20008 Human Physiology
NBB 460 Building Brains  NEUR30005 Developmental Neurobiology
NBB499R Undergraduate Research BIOM30003  Biomedical Science Research Project
MEDI40012 Research Project
MEDI40013 Research Project
NBB 370 Variable Topics in NBB


Cognitive Development
PSYC20006  Biological Psychology
PSYC30017  Perception, Memory and Cognition


Neuroscience and the Mind


The Integrated Brain
NBB 471 Global Topics in NBB NEUR30002 Neurophysiology: Neurons and Circuits
NEUR30003 Principles of Neuroscience
OPTO30007 Visual Neuroscience
PHRM20001  Pharmacology: How Drugs Work
PHRM30002  Drugs Affecting the Nervous System
PHRM30008  Drugs: From discovery to Market

To learn more about this great opportunity to live and study in Australia, please call the Emory College Study Abroad office at 404-727-2240 to schedule an appointment with an advisor.