Paul Lennard


Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology

Office: 1462 Clifton Rd., Suite 304B

Phone: 404-727-4958


Dr. Lennard has been the Director of the Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology (NBB) Program since its inception at Emory in 1997. NBB has already become a nationally recognized destination for some of the brightest students interested in behavioral and neuroscience. More and more students specifically indicate that their selection of Emory was based on their interest in the NBB program which is one of the largest degree-granting undergraduate neuroscience program anywhere.

Dr. Lennard has previously served as the Associate Director of the Emory University Graduate Program in Neuroscience and has been the Co-Director of the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience, a National Science Foundation Science Technology Center. He has also traveled to India as a Sager Foundation Fellow to teach neuroscience to Tibetan Monks. 

Dr. Lennard’s research interests include: the neural control of locomotion; sensorimotor integration; and vertebrate myogenesis.  He is a recipient of the Emory Williams Distinguished Teaching Award for Natural Sciences.  He has helped create, and teaches in, a number of the NBB “signature classes” including: Perspectives in Neuroscience & Behavior; The Musical Brain; Roots of Modern Neuroscience; Neuroethics; Clinical Neurology Study; and Clinical Research Practicum.