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Who will my advisor be?
You may request one of the many advisors who are available to accept new advisees.  The information is available when you come into the NBB office.

How should I arrange my courses by semester to graduate in my projected time frame?
It is very important to review your course selection with your advisor.  This should help insure you graduate as you projected.

If I take a course at another school in the summer will it count towards my major?
You should get approval prior to taking the course.

Can I change my major later?
Yes. Fill out a new form in the office you want to have as your major.  Put your new major under “A. Priority Major”.  Please let the NBB Program know you are changing your major, and also call your advisor to let him/her know.

Can I double major?
Yes. Go to the other department and write the new major on line two.  NBB would go on line one (or vice-versa). As a Junior or Senior you will get priority over non-majors in your class only in the line one major, which should be your priority major. Use your 36 weight points on the line 2 major just as you would in any course in which you were not a major.

How do I decide between the BA and the BS? Many students have already taken (or will be taking) the Chemistry (141, 142, and 221) and Math required for the BS degree because the medical schools require it, so the BS is the most common by far. However some medical or graduate school admissions committees seem to be more impressed by diversity in your background, and you will find different answers to this questions depending upon which faculty member you ask. Many medical or graduate schools also require additional Chemistry, Physics, and Math courses, which we do not require for the NBB major.

Where do I take my degree application to be processed?
The NBB Office must review your degree application.  You should allow a minimum of one week for the office to process your application.

Is it possible to study abroad?
Yes. Contact CIPA for your basic information on traveling abroad.  St. Andrews in Scotland has partnered with the NBB Program to provide courses you can apply toward your major in either the spring or fall sessions.   There are also other options available.


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