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NBB Studies in St. Andrews


Returning MPhil Graduate     



Returning MPhil Graduate Maria Walters NBB class of 2009 shows the way to the MPhil program in Scotland.


MPhil in Neuroscience


The Robert T. Jones, Jr. Fellowship funds one Emory student or graduate each year to study at St Andrews University in a select group of fields.  Recipients are part of a masters or PhD programs at St Andrews University in the School of Divinity, International Studies or Philosophy.  In addition, students nominated by the NBB department can apply for a masters program in Neuroscience.   This is a University-wide fellowship that is open to students in any school and is awarded to graduating seniors or graduate students.  The selection committee is looking for highly motivated individuals with records of academic and intellectual excellence and academic interests that may be pursued through the offerings at St. Andrews. One fellowship is awarded annually.  The application deadline is November .  Three Emory nominees will be selected this fall, and St Andrews will select the fellowship recipient in early spring semester.

The Bobby Jones Scholarship is a University-wide scholarship and exchange program that is open to students in any school.   It can be awarded to sophomores, graduating seniors, or graduate students who are in the early stages of their post-graduate work.  The following criteria are considered in the selection process:
1.      Academic and/or scholarly interests that can be pursued through the offerings at St Andrews.
2.      Intellectual excellence;
3.      A record of significant leadership in the life of the Emory community and/or the Atlanta community, with the expectation that the individual would be similarly involved in community life at St Andrews;
4.      Excellent speaking and writing abilities;
5.      Strong interpersonal skills;
While studying at St Andrews University, students who are abroad during their junior year can apply courses towards Emory graduation.  Bobby Jones Scholars who have graduated from Emory can seek an academic degree, or take classes but not seek a degree.  In order to be a degree-seeking student, applicants must apply to the St Andrews degree programs separately from this scholarship application and meet all the admission criteria for those programs.  Former scholars who have not studied for a degree have either continued work in their Emory fields of study or studied subjects very different from their Emory program.  Four Emory students are selected each year as Bobby Jones Scholars; four St Andrews students are selected each year to attend Emory.  The application deadline is in January;  finalists will be interviewed in February.

          Information about St Andrews University and its degree programs is available on-line. In addition, a graduate prospectus and undergraduate prospectus are available in 300 White Hall.

For further information on St. Andrews Study Abroad opportunities please visit the IBANS website.


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