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Latest News for NBB Courses            updated   March 25th 2014


Revised NBB Requirements


There have been quite a few recent revisions to NBB requirements.  This document is intended to clarify those revisions and to whom they apply.  All courses that fulfill major requirements must be taken for a grade (no S/U).


  • Biochemistry does not fulfill NBB elective requirements.
  • If you entered the Emory system in the fall of 2012 or later, QTM100 is required for the major.
  • If you declared NBB as your major in fall of 2013 or later,
    • You must complete a total of 8 NBB electives, .
    • Freshman seminars (NBB190 or NBB related freshman seminars from other departments) does not fulfill NBB elective requirements
    • NBB497 and NBB 498 (Supervised Writing or Supervised Reading) does not fulfill NBB elective requirements.
    • Completion of 8 credits of any combination of NBB495 and NBB499 will count as two NBB electives.  Less than 8 hr credit fulfills no elective requirement.


QTM100, This Class is now a required foundation course for NBB majors. (Incoming Freshmen class of 2016)

This course provides an introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics. It is designed as a gateway course, with emphasis on practice and implementation.  Algebra is the only prerequisite for the course.  The class consists of two weekly lectures and a lab session. The lectures introduce statistical concepts and theory, the lab session applies those lessons using statistical software.


In order to receive NBB elective credit, students must receive a passing grade in a  3 credit-hour NBB course, or in an approved (graded) graduate course (e.g. College Honors Program participants).  S/U credit hours are not counted as NBB electives.”



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