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Emory courses taken for S/U credit do not meet NBB degree requirements.  In order to receive NBB elective credit, students must receive a passing grade in an NBB course (3 credits minimum), or receive other NBB approved course credit."

Oxford Continuees

Students planning to continue at Emory College from Oxford College should contact Ms. Nadia Brown in the NBB Department (1462 Clifton Road, Suite 304) as soon as possible to help insure they have the required courses for the NBB major.  They should also make contact during the designated preregistration period in the Spring semester prior to enrollment for the Fall Semester. At this initial meeting, the declaration, advisor assignment and questions will be addressed and completed. It is the student's responsibility to arrange an appointment with the assigned advisor.

Transfer Students

Transfer students should contact the NBB office shortly after arrival.  Nadia G. Brown (, 404-727-4958) in the NBB office will assist you with NBB questions and options of getting into courses as many courses may be full do to initial registration.


Freshman and Transfer Students

Declaration of Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology Major:

Students are required to choose a major by the end of the second year.  You may, however, declare as early as the second semester of your freshman year.

To declare NBB as your major come to the NBB office between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday thru Friday.
The NBB office is located at 1462 Clifton Road (referred to as the Dental School building), Suite 304.

You will be offered the opportunity to choose your advisor or one will be assigned to you.  Faculty members serve as advisors along with their other responsibilities.  Nadia G. Brown, the Academic Degree Program Coordinator, will assist you with questions you may have.


Goals for Student Learning

All Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology majors will be able:

  • To articulate the concepts and methodologies of the interdisciplinary field of Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology, including evolution and animal behavior, molecular, cellular, and developmental biology, and systems, social, cognitive, and behavioral neuroscience.
  • To evaluate scientific literature critically and to formulate hypotheses and design scientific experiments.
  • To engage in the research process through undergraduate honors research, independent research projects and coursework.
  • To communicate scientific information in a clear, reasoned and stylistically appropriate manner both verbally and in writing.
  • To evaluate the ethical dimensions and societal implications of research in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology.
  • To have the foundation to pursue successfully a post baccalaureate education and/or professional career.





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