Oxford Continuees and Transfer Students

Students planning to continue at Emory College from Oxford College should contact Ms. Nadia Brown in the NBB Department (nadia.brown@emory.edu, 404-727-4958) as soon as possible to ensure they are on track for the NBB major. They should also make contact during the designated preregistration period in their final Spring semester prior to enrollment for the Fall Semester on the Atlanta campus. At this Spring semester meeting, the major declaration form, advisor assignment and additional questions will be addressed and completed. It is the student's responsibility to arrange an appointment with the assigned advisor.

Oxford College courses that count towards the NBB major:

Anthropology 200/(NBB 201) - Foundations of Behavior

Biology 141Q - Cell Biology and Genetics with Laboratory

Biology 142Q - Advanced Topics in Genetics and Molecular Biology with Laboratory

Chemistry 141 - General Chemistry I with Laboratory

Chemistry 142 - General Chemistry II with Laboratory

Mathematics 111 or 112 or 112z - Calculus I and II

QTM 100 - Introduction to Statistical Inference with laboratory

Psychology 222Q/(NBB 222Q) - Clinical Neuroscience

Psychology 323Q - Drugs and Behavior

Transfer Students

Transfer students should contact the NBB office shortly after arrival. Nadia G. Brown (nadia.brown@emory.edu, 404-727-4958) in the NBB office will assist you with any questions you might have about the NBB major and options for progressing through the major.