Advising FAQ: for Faculty

Programmatic Questions

Who is the current DUS and the current DUR for NBB?

Mike Crutcher, DUS (; 404-727-5011)

Leah Roesch, DUR (; 404-727-4589)

To whom do I send my advisee to for a permission number?

The best person to contact is the Academic Program Coordinator, Ms. Nadia Brown-Ware (; 404-727-4958)

Do I need to sign my advisee's graduation degree application?

No. All graduation degree applications are processed and signed in the NBB office. You should meet with your advisee in the semester prior to graduation to ensure they are on track to graduate.

Academic Course Questions

What to do if a student is in academic distress in my course?

For students who are either not showing up, in academic distress, or seem to be in personal distress, information about their situation should be routed to OUE. There is a monitored web form for informing OUE of any issues which is linked HERE.

Where can I find the Honors Program requirements?

Current Honors Research packets can be found HERE.

I want to offer an elective course for NBB majors. How can I get my course on the approved electives list?

Please contact the DUS, currently Mike Crutcher, at or at 404-727-5011.