Advising FAQ: for Students

General Advising Questions

Who will my advisor be?

You may request one of the many advisors who are available to accept new advisees when you declare the NBB major. Switching your advisor is also an option, as long and you and the new advisor agree to the switch. Please speak with someone in the NBB Office to process this information.

 How should I arrange my courses by semester to graduate in my projected time frame?

It is very important to review your course selection with your advisor. You and your advisor will work together to find the best path for you to accomplish your academic and personal goals while at Emory University.

Can I major in two subjects/disciplines?

Yes. On your major declaration form, write NBB on line one and the other major on line two.  As a Junior or Senior you will get priority over non-majors in your class only in the line one major, which should be your priority major.

Coursework and Scheduling Questions

I am thinking about PreHealth. Should I take the BIO 141/142 and the CHEM 150/202 series together during my freshman year? If not, which should I take first?

All students interested in the NBB major and in PreHealth should visit the PreHealth Mentoring Office and make an appointment with an advisor in that office. Generally, we advise that you do not take the BIO 141/142 and CHEM 150/202 series at the same time unless you have sufficient preparation in high school (e.g. high scores on AP Bio, AP Chem or IB coursework). If you do not feel you are adequately prepared, we strongly suggest CHEM 150/202 during the Freshman year and BIO 141/142 during Sophomore year.

If I take a course at another school in the summer will it count towards my major?

Domestic Transient Study gives Emory College of Arts and Sciences students the opportunity to receive credit toward their Emory degree while enrolled as a guest at another accredited school in the United States (including Puerto Rico and U.S Virgin Islands). Students who matriculate at Emory as freshman and begin their college career here may take coursework elsewhere during the summer following their freshman year. Click HERE for more information.

In order for a course to count towards the NBB major, permission must be granted from your advisor and the NBB Administration. Please contact the NBB Academic Degree Program Coordinator, Ms. Nadia Brown-Ware, at for more information.

Graduation and Degree application Questions

Where can I find the forms needed for my degree application?

Hard copies of all the forms need for the degree application can be found in the NBB office. Please inquire at the front desk.

Where do I take my degree application to be processed?

The NBB Office MUST review your degree application. You should allow a minimum of one week for the office to process your application.

 Does my advisor need to sign my degree application?

No. The NBB office will sign all degree applications. You should meet with your advisor the semester prior to graduation to ensure that you are on track to graduate in the NBB major.

Study Abroad Questions

 Is it possible to study abroad and still progress through the major?

Yes. Contact Emory Study Abroad office for your basic information on traveling abroad. The NBB Program has several study abroad options, including summer and semester options, that allow a student to take courses towards the NBB major. Please see the Study Abroad link.
Speak with your advisor about how to best set up your coursework to allow for a summer or semester abroad. Anything can be accomplished with good planning!

Are there scholarships available for summer study abroad? Does my financial aid apply to summer study abroad?

Yes, there are several ways to finance a summer study abroad program. Please visit the Study Abroad Summer Scholarships website and the Study Abroad Summer Financial Aid website for more information.

When is the best time to study abroad if I am interested Pre-Health?

The best time to study abroad is either in the summer or in a semester AFTER completing all Pre-Health prerequisites. Students should not plan to enroll in science + lab courses abroad, e.g. Organic Chemistry or Physics.

Research Questions

How can I find a research mentor?

Good advice on finding a research mentor is found under the Research Tab, specifically HERE

Can my research in a lab count towards NBB credit?

Yes, options for credit for working in a lab include NBB 399, NBB 499R, and the Honors Research courses, NBB 495A and BW. Please visit THIS PAGE for complete descriptions of these courses.

Can I get paid for working in a research lab?

What are the requirements for Honors Research?

The current requirements are found HERE.