Minor in Neuroethics

The Neuroethics Minor is a multidisciplinary program designed to complement any and all majors and enhance the experience of students seeking scholarly preparation in the ethical and social implications of neuroscientific progress.

Offered by the Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology program, the Neuroethics minor requires three (3) foundation neuroethics content courses, one (1) "Brain Block" course, and two (2) electives from a range of departments and programs. Curriculum note: Only ONE (1) course can be double-counted for a college major.

Foundation Neuroethics Courses Brain Block courses
NBB 280 Intro to Neuroethics NBB 301 Intro to Neurobiology
NBB 380 Advanced Neuroethics NBB 302 Behavioral Neuroscience
NBB 471 Global Neuroethics* NBB 424 Medical Neuropathology
NBB 480 Applied Neuroethics seminar ANT 305 The Human Brain

*NBB 471 is only offered in the NBB Paris summer study abroad program. Either NBB 471 or NBB 380 will satisfy the second foundational course requirement.

Potential Elective Courses
Psychology (PSYC) Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology (NBB)
PSYC 207 Brain and Behavior NBB 317 Human Social Neuroscience
PSYC 210 Adult Abnormal Psychology NBB 410 Perception and Consciousness
PSYC 385 Genetics of Human Behavior NBB 426 Neuropharmacology and Placebo
PSYC 473 Origins of Schizophrenia Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies (WGSS)
Human Health (HLTH) WGSS 370 Feminist Neuroscience
HLTH 310 Defining Health: Biocultural Perspective WGSS 470 Sex, Gender & the Brain
HLTH 317 Microbiome in Health and Disease Anthropology (ANT)
HLTH 385 Mind, Brain & Body ANT 385 Anthropology of Biomedicine
HLTH 411 Many Disease, Few Causes ANT 385W Medical Ethics and Technology

Elective courses can be chosen from the list provided or other courses as approved by the neuroethics minor directors.

If you are certain about your interest, you may declare the minor, just as you would any other college major or minor using the OUE form linked HERE.

If you’re not ready to commit but want to discuss your options, email the Program Directors Dr. Hue (ghue@emory.edu) or Dr. Lennard (prlenna@emory.edu) to start a conversation.