Student Organizations

The NBB Program has two student groups, Nu Rho Psi and the Emory Undergraduate Neuroscience Association (EUNA).

Nu Rho Psismall NuRhoPsi logo

Nu Rho Psi is Emory University’s Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology Honor society. Our mission is to recognize and promote leadership, intellectual development, and scholastic achievement in the study of neuroscience and behavior. We aim to advance the study of neuroscience within the college and increase awareness within Emory and the surrounding community. We work to stimulate academic and professional growth beyond the classroom through programs designed to enhance the regular curriculum and provide rewarding experiences and fellowship through affiliation with the society. Activities include faculty-student luncheons, social functions, lectures by esteemed members of the Neuroscience community and many other events.

Emory Undergraduate Neuroscience Association 

The purpose/mission of the Emory Undergraduate Neuroscience Association (EUNA) shall be to foster excitement and curiosity about neuroscience in the Emory community by providing undergraduate students with opportunities to visit active laboratories, participate in lecture series and student panels, and network with other members of the Emory neuroscience community. EUNA will work closely with the Emory NBB department, Nu Rho Psi (the Neuroscience Honor Society), and other campus groups to plan and host a variety of programs that further the career aspirations and facilitate camaraderie for the Emory neuroscience-interested community.