Emory Neuroscience Association

What is Emory Neuroscience Association?

The purpose/mission of The Emory Neuroscience Association (ENA) shall be to foster excitement and curiosity about neuroscience in the Emory community by providing undergraduate students with opportunities to visit active laboratories, participate in lecture series and journal clubs, and network with other members of the Emory neuroscience community. ENA will work closely with the Emory NBB department, Nu Rho Psi (the neuroscience honor society), and other campus groups to plan and host a variety of programs that further the career aspirations and facilitate camaraderie for the Emory neuroscience- interest community.

We also work closely with clubs from across campus, including a capella groups, visual arts clubs, and computer science organizations to host a collection of events accessible to NBB and non-NBB majors alike so as to cultivate excitement about neuroscience in all corners of the campus.

If you would like to join the organization, or have any additional questions please feel free to contact us at emoryneuroscience@gmail.com.

Interested students can feel free to contact any of the current officers for more information on how to join or become more active.

Current Officers

Co-Presidents: Wendy J. Rodriguez and Andy Dong
VP of Administration: Alex Sweeting
Marketing Manager: Elena Lopez
Advisor: Dr. Keith Easterling

This Year’s Events

ENA and its 100+ student member base have a variety of events planned for the coming year, including a Science Career Fair, tour of Yerkes Primate Research Labs, Neuroscience Trivia Night, lab tours, NeuroArts events, the annual ENA Social, and a "Neuroscience of Beer" night (21+).

Please contact us at emoryneuroscience@gmail.com and get added to our list and hear about all the event details! 

The ENA Social. The ENA Social is an annual event designed to promote excitement and inquisitiveness about neuroscience and cultivate community between freshman and sophomore NBB-interested students with junior and senior NBB majors. Last year's ENA Social was scheduled right before spring class registration, allowing for the 'all knowing' senior NBB majors to help answer questions and guide underclassmen on topics ranging from what classes/professors to take, ways to get involved in laboratory research, scholarship opportunities, as well as an overall broad range of advice on how to make the most of each individual's Emory experience.

Links for Further Information

ENA Facebook Group - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Emory-Neuroscience-Association/439353236105954

Emory School of Medicine Department of Neurology – http://neurology.emory.edu/

American Academy of Neurology – http://www.aan.com/